Hello, Dear Visitor

After more than 15 years managing La Qhia and earning a lot of good reviews on Tripadvisor, Booking.com, Hostel world, and Loney Planet, we are selling it.

Yes, you read it first, We are selling La Qhia: the place is still beloved and we are grateful to all the people who came here and find the peace the were longing.

But for us it s time to move on: our kid is entering highschool and he wants to follow Belgian Education so he is going to Europe and we will follow him.

So we are going to sell la Qhia, the sorrounding land, and 15 years of dedication.





What will I get when I buy La Qhia?

Not only the activity is very well started and basically goes by it self, the place has a green garden and a lot of trees to enjoy. People usually books for a couple of days and end staying for 4-5 nights 🙂

The land where La Qhia stand is huge and is in the city center:

  • very close from Bus Station (perfect for people who travel by bus)
  • 100 meters from the super market, so they can buy food
  • 15 minutes walking from  the swimming place in the river (and people love it)

when we say huge we mean it:

  • 50.000 foot squared
  • it has the main building with 3 rooms and private kitchen ( you could make a restaurant there)
  • a dependance with a dorm for 8 people and an other private room.
  • A Permaculture ready secluded garden
  • in the other part of the land (very private) there are two cottage and 3 more can be built without problem (you can move and live there or rent them for long stayers!)

See some picture:

Is La Qhia a good investment?

yes, I am not going to write all numbers here (but i ll be share them with you if you are interested) but you will get a very good return on investment.

If it s such a good investment why don’t you find a manager and leave?

We have two reason:

  1. the first is that we need a good amount of money to start over in Belgium,
  2. the second, more important, we love this place we have a lot of great memories and we want someone who love it as much as we do to keep it.

How difficult will be to start to manage la Qhia?

While we are leaving there will be all our staff to Help:

  • Rosa has been with us from the beginning she know everything and everybody and has been so valuable.
  • Fidel is our work man, he knows when and how to cut the garden, how to fix things.
  • I myself, Horacio, will be around a lot in Santa Fe in the beginning and i ll be happy to help you to onboard.

What i need  to manage it

  • You don’t really need to do a lot of advertisment, the place is well known and in high season is full booked in advance.
  • While you will have our helpers and aupair to assist you, you will need to speak some spanish. While English speaking tourists are the majority, Veraguas is becoming THE destination for panamenian turists, too… and they expect you to speak a little of their language.

Where is Santa Fe?

Santa Fe is around 50 minutes from Santiago, the main city is veraguas with mall and all services, around 3 hours from Santa Catalina (the hotspot for surfers in the Pacific Ocean) and with the new read due in 2018 it will a couple of hours from Atlatic Ocean , too!

Why is Santa Fe Unique?

Santa Fe is still a small, quiet e relaxing city in the hills: it s fresh all year long: people love turist and toursit love Santa Fe: Waterfall, long hikes, or just chilling out


What will be the Investment for la Qhia?

As stated above, the price of the land price in sante fe is rising fast and the lot alone is well worth over 250,000, then we add the 4 build already there and then on the top we add 15 years of dedication and advertisement (we are on most booking website, as well as travel books)… the place literally get clients on itslef!

if we were in USA, considering ROI and all, this could be sell for more than 650,000K without a blink. But we are in rush, we want to move over and we want some one who love the place:  we think 560,000$ is a fair price.

Write us asking for more info or to come and see us.